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An engaging action-sport film, where a man avenges his sister's humiliation by participating in a deadly kung-fu tournament.

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original title: Courage

genge: Action,Crime,Drama,Romance,Sport

imdb: 5.9

duration: 2h 41min

keywords: flashback, love, referencetomichaeljackson, letter, brothersisterrelationship, mixedmartialarts, wheelchair, friendship, wedding, battleofthesexes

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An engaging action-sport film, where a man avenges his sister's humiliation by participating in a deadly kung-fu tournament. Simpleton Raj Verma alias Raju return home one day to find that his sister is publicly raped by gangster Beharry and one of his wrestlers also Raj's childhood friend Duryodhan. When Raj intervene he is beaten, publicly humiliated and left for dead, and then he is taken to the hospital and survive by a miracle. After recovery Raj swears to take revenge on Duryodhan and Beharry and is trained to become an expert wrestler by a man named Baba Thakur. But the question remains will Raj be able to cope with these trainings and if he does will he be able to take on Duryodhan who is already an expert in this field? As a official Ajay Devgan Fan I try to get my hands on all his movies. So one day I also came across that one.

The story is quite simple. Raju (Ajay Devgan), a middle class boy, is sentenced to death because he is a Murderer. He and his girlfriend (Karizma Kapoor) go to meet the home minister on his birthday. And they tell him the story of how Raju ended up murdering someone. In the end it is all about a guy fighting against evil with his strength. Just like in the Honkong Flix you do have two schools competing against each other and you do have Raju joining one of them because he wants personal revenge. The training sequence is a mix of Bruce Lee and Jacky Chan movies but not even close to being as athletic or fast (even I could have gotten that Egg without braking it!) I usually enjoy the Veeru Devgan Action but this time I am convinced that he watched way too many Honkong Movies and decited to use the best scenes in that movie… with the only problem that well.. AJ is really strong and everything but he is no good in Material arts Hongkong stile! As an Ajay Devgan Fan I enjoyed the movie non the less and it really has it's moments but if you want to see the movie because of the action I recommend to buy a real Bruce Lee movie… Jigar is the ultimate Bollywood Kung Fu style action movie. It has a mix of Hollywood and Hong Kong movies. Kickboxer, Bloodsport are the Hollywood Films it Copied. Snake in the Eagle Shadow is among the Jackie Chan film it copies. Ajay Devgan is the Hero, who's sister gets raped by local Fighting champion. Ajay wishes to take revenge, by beating him. He trains under Ajit (Remind you of Kickboxer, same training style's). He learns many moves including the snake style (Same fighting style as JAckie Chans Snake in the Eagle shadow). Ajay Enter's the tournament, and the Baddie cheats by throwing powder (Bloodsport style). The movie was a nice effort, I'm sure many people who have never seen Van Damme and Jackie Chan movies enjoyed this. For Bollywood, Ajay does have some impressive skills, nothing compared to Bruce and Jackie of course. Karishma is useless as usual. Aroona Irani is normally a great actress, but here she goes over the top. Good effort, but I'm a Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan freak, so i did not enjoy this.


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