18. Sep, 2018

Sabotage Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Hd 1080p

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Members of an elite DEA task force find themselves being taken down one by one after they rob a drug cartel safe house.

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original title: Sabotage

genge: Action,Crime,Drama,Thriller

imdb: 6.4

duration: 1h 49min

tags: Leave no loose ends

budget: $35,000,000

keywords: toughgirl, kickedinthecrotch, dea, drugcartel, stripclub, murder, woman, toplessfemalenudity, crimescene, femalekiller, stabbedinthechest, womanpunchesaman, murderofapoliceofficer, murderofaninnocentp

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An elite DEA team raids the safe house of a drug cartel and hide $10 million in the plumbing. When they go back to retrieve the money it is not there. The team is under investigation for the missing $10 million. Then after a couple months the investigation is lifted. The team trains together again and then celebrates at a strip club. Then one of the team is murdered. He wakes up in his RV on railroad tracks. Then a second team member is nailed to the ceiling. The third team member is gunned down at his remote cabin. There is a female City of Atlanta investigator in charge of the murders. After investigating the cartel angle, the twisted truth comes to light. Members of an elite DEA task force find themselves being taken down one by one after they rob a drug cartel safe house. This is an adsorbing movie pulling you in before you realize it's not another aimless spectacle of violence. It doesn't help to begin with preconceptions, in particular a slant many passivists have against violence in movies as the plot is deep. This is a profile of people in an extreme endeavor with life threatening pressures that lead to mental breakdowns, errors in judgment, and unexpected conflicts. The conflicts lead the violence rather than the other way around. The filming is good but not on par with Lawrence of Arabia. The story does not give itself away like so many crime thrillers, other than if you have excellent movie intuition. Schwarzenegger has made a film here which does not play the often inexplicable and ridiculous Hollywood Star feedback loops, like repeating "I'll be back" as if it can fit anywhere in any movie just because he says it. A. S. sticks to the role and with understated presence that allows a strong cast and screenplay to rise. See it and have a good time. We come to like Arnold as a hero in action, scifi and comedy, such as Terminator, Predator, Kindergarten Cop and Twins. Unlike early Arnold movies such as Conan, this film actually has Arnold at some of his grittiest, best acting. However, the violence and darkness of the film doesn't quite fit the typical Schwarzenegger film people are accustomed to. In fact, most of Arnold's movies are watchable for the whole family. This film takes a crude dark side fitting for adults only.

In many ways, this film is more David Ayer (the director) than Arnolds. Ayer directed Training Days, SWAT and End of Watch. Co-writing was Skip Woods, who to be honest, I'm not sure why he even writes since some of his films are quite poorly written (e.g, Hit-man) and at best, he's average (e.g, A Good Day to Die Hard..which is the weakest in the series or A-Team, probably his best effort).

The film plays more a violent, crime action film than a semi-family film, like Kindergarten Cop. It is perhaps overly done in gore and crude language but it is an attempt to portray some reality of a misfit DEA team that has more in common with the people it hunts down than the good guys. Arnold is at his best acting with strong support from his team's psychopathic drug addict, Lizzy, played by Mireille Enos and Caroline, the investigating officer, player by Olivia Williams.

It has a bit of a mystery element in it, more suspenseful than any Schwarzenegger film. Writing is good, acting is good. Camera-work and cinematography are below average. So it overall filmmaking, it's a tad above the average film. But it terms of Arnold's acting and a different side of him, it does present it quite well. And it is a tense, hard-to-stomach film. If I had to rank Arnold's movies, his best were: 1. Predator, 2. Terminator 2, 3. Kindergarten Cop (although why it has a 6.0 rating on IMDb, I can't understand, 4. Escape Plan (great pairing with Sly Stallone)… and maybe 5. True Lies. The first Terminator is a bit weaker of a film despite it's cult image.

Still I wouldn't rush to this film unless you like a violent action film with a bit of mystery. A better, more intelligent script and cinematography would help to place it in the better thriller category (over a 7.0 in IMDb). Still, a slightly underrated film. If I had to give it an overall score with an extra decimal point, I'd give it a 6.5-6.8…or a full point above the IMDb rating. Not so bad, as Arnold's best acting but not the most enjoyable Arnold film (for example, Terminator is more enjoyable but not a better made film). Still, it's not Junior or Hercules in New York, films that Arnold probably wishes he didn't make. Sabotage cannot be called a good movie, not with a straight face. But as an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, it has something. Lizzie murdered the members of the team because she accused them of stealing the money.


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